What is the Export Management Company?

Exports management companies are completely independent companies that act as export sales departments for manufacturers. The commitment of these companies to maintain a long-term relationship with manufacturers and buyers of goods around the world, which distinguishes the nature of these companies from other business and business units. Part of this commitment is the effort to promote the value added of products that cover non-international marketing. The Export Management Company focuses its services on identifying demand for international markets. Then, by collecting targeted market information and processing them and designing appropriate strategies for correct response to foreign market demand. Consequently, on the one hand, enterprises benefit from entering the global markets, and on the other hand, export management companies benefit from long-term relationships between the exporter and the buyer. Obviously, due to this interplay, an effective service will also be provided to expand non-oil exports of the country. Exports management companies play a significant role in eliminating information loopholes, ambiguities, doubts and other risks associated with activities in foreign markets.
Specific examples of export barriers include lack of export experience, inadequate information on the target market, inability to identify customers / buyers in foreign markets, problems in communicating with and contact with customers and suppliers, inappropriate presence in The target market, the inability to find a reliable distributor, a reputable representative, and a lack of a well-known and internationally renowned brand. Given the above, entering this area and setting up a specialized export company to provide the benefits of the manufacturing sector, as well as the development of the trade mark of the transnationality of the country is essential Was.

What is the purpose of the Atlas Export Management Company?

One of the main goals of the company’s formation, in addition to the above, is the specialized focus on improving the status of Iran’s stones in world markets and introducing the characteristics of the Iranian market. This is important, thanks to the use of agile and expert teams, without the usual cumbersome tools.
We are determined to be the first Iranian export management company, with the help of the producers of the country, including renowned miners and hard-working factories, to make Iran’s stone a desirable place.

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Atlas Export Management

The most reputable stone supply in the Islamic republic of Iran.

Our objective is to serve the growing demand for highest quality of natural and unique granite, marble, slate, sandstone, limestone and other stone products to the construction industry for use in decorative finishing operations.

Atlas Export Management

We also handle the shipping and transportation services by our professional logistic team.

Atlas Export Management

Is a dynamic company with impressive portfolio of clients and projects, ranging from prestige projects in Iran.

Atlas Export Management

Is one of

By taking advantage of modern technologies and having marble and travertine quarries, two factories in kerman and shamsabad industrial park (in iran) and big warehouses in Germany, Russia, us and Australia, nowadays is in the service of professional applicants for entire stages from mining extraction to installation.

With access to a network of companies and with links to some of the most reliable quarries in the country, we can bring any product to its specifications with the highest level of quality control.

Atlas Export Management

Has its own stone processing facilities in Tehran with variety of high quality of natural and unique granites, marble, sandstone, limestone and other stones.

As for one of the greatest quarry owner in Iran, we have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. This company has well-trained young staff who are absolutely committed to your goals, the staff will do the best to accelerate the export activities.